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(2020) Podcast with the Institute of Migrant Rights on Myanmar's Constitution in Context (Cianjur, Indonesia)
(2020) Podcast with the ASEAN Society for the UNSW ASEAN Conference 2020
(2020) Podcast with the New Books Network on The Constitution of Myanmar
(2020) Webinar on 'Covid-19 and Constitutionalism in Asia', National University of Singapore
(2020) Webinar on 'Public Law Responses to Covid-19: Lessons from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, Gilbert + Tobin Centre for Public Law
(2020) Webinar on 'Why Special Autonomy in West Papua has failed', Diplomacy Training Program
(2019), 'Indonesian Language in Australian Schools', Australia Indonesia Institute 

(2019) Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) Career Champion 
(2019) Short clip on Indonesia's 2019 Elections, UNSW
(2018) Politics in Southeast Asia: A Review, at Sydney's Southeast Asia conference on Politics in Action.
(2017) Podcast on 'Muslims, NGOs, and the future of democratic space in Myanmar', The Religious Studies Project
(2016) Myanmar Update, Update on Politics in Southeast Asia, Sydney Southeast Asia Centre

Articles/op eds

(2020) 'Why Myanmar's Elections will not be Free, Fair or Safe', 12 October, The Interpreter
(2020) 'Asian Law in Australian Universities: Research Centres as Critical Institutional Commitments' 21 April, Asian Currents

(2020) Guest editor of blog series on Trends in Asian Studies in Australia, with Ed Aspinall
(2019) 'Illiberalism and Democratic Illusions in Myanmar' 20 Nov, New Mandala, also in Burmese and in Bahasa Indonesia
(2019) 'Indonesia's Experiment with Specialised Courts' 1 Sept, CUP
(2019) 'Women in an Era of Anti-Elitism in Asia' 8 July, Asian Currents
(2019) ‘Time to Reverse the Indonesian Language Disaster on our Shores’, 14 May The Interpreter.
(2019) 'Hope, Despair and the New Normal in Myanmar' 9 May, The Interpreter
(2019) 'Career Champion', 9 May, Australia Indonesia Youth Association
(2019) ‘Don’t Rely on Luck: Making the Most of the FTA with Indonesia’ 18 April, The Interpreter
(2019) 'The Death Penalty Paradox in Buddhist Myanmar', 13 March, The Interpreter
(2019) 'Renewed calls for constitutional change in Myanmar's military-state', 14 March, East Asia Forum
(2019) 'Press Freedom in Myanmar, 23 Jan, World Politics Review
(2018) 'Myanmar's Press Freedom Mirage', 20 Nov, The Interpreter
(2018) 'Elections a Sham in Rakhine State', 1 Nov, The Interpreter
(2018) 'Myanmar's Rakhine State Crisis: Diplomatic Challenges for Australia and ASEAN' Disruptive Asia, The Asia Society, March
(2018) 'Democracy and Peace Frustrated in Myanmar', 29 Jan, The Interpreter
(2017) 'The Twisted Politics of Terrorism in Myanmar' 12 Sept, The Interpreter
(2017) 'Ahok, Indonesia's Nemo, sentenced to jail' 10 May, Policy Forum
(2017) 'Myanmar's Legal Voice of Conscience: A personal tribute, U Ko Ni', New Mandala, 31 January
(2016) 'Islamist rule by law in Indonesia' 2 Dec, Policy Forum, ANU.
(2016) 'Indonesia: Persecution disguised as fighting terrorism' 28 Jan, The Sydney Morning Herald.
(2015) 'Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar is misunderstood by the West' 3 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald.
(2015) 'Why constitutional review is needed', 17 July, The Myanmar Times
(2015) ‘Law and Conflict in Myanmar, 11 August, New Mandala
(2015) Myanmar elections lack legitimacy without constitutional change, 25 May, East Asia Forum
(2014) ‘Writs but no Weapons? A Stocktake on Administrative Justice in Myanmar’ 12 Nov, International Journal of Constitutional Law blog.
(2014) 'Myanmar's Muslim Mosaic and the Politics of Belonging' New Mandala, 4 Nov.
(2014) ‘Road to Constitutional Amendment in Myanmar Going NowhereEast Asia Forum [Special Edition: On the Edge in Asia] 27 March 
(2013) ‘Indonesian Constitutional Court rejects Blasphemy Law Case’ 23 Oct, International Journal of Constitutional Law blog.
(2013) ‘Teaching Myanmar’s Next Generation of Lawyers’ 18 Sept, East Asia Forum (ANU)(2013) ‘Constitutional Amendment Key to 2015 Elections’ 8 Aug, New Mandala [ANU]
(2013) ‘Indonesian Constitutional Court reconsiders Blasphemy Law’ 30 Jul, International Journal of Constitutional Law blog
(2013) ‘Constitutional Writs as “Weapons” in Myanmar?’ 9 Jul, International Journal of Constitutional Law blog
(2013) ‘Myanmar: Civil-Military Relations and Constitutional Reform’ 21 Jun, East Asia Forum (ANU) [reposted in Asia Sentinel, 21 Jun, and The Irrawaddy 24 Jun]
(2013) ‘The Challenge of Regulating Religious Freedom in Indonesia’ 18 Feb, Right Now
(2012) ‘Law Reform and Human Rights in Indonesia-Myanmar: The Potential of National Human Rights Commissions’ No 62 (Winter) International Institute of Asian Studies 7.
(2012) ‘The Indonesian Blasphemy Case: Affirming the Legality of the Blasphemy Law’ 1(2) Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 1-4.
(2012) ‘Religious Intolerance and Law Reform in Indonesia’ 20 Jun, East Asia Forum (ANU).
(2012) ‘Indonesia’s Blasphemy Law: Bleak Outlook for Minority Religions’ 14 
(26 Jan) Asia Pacific Bulletin No 146.
(2012) ‘Indonesia’s Draft Law Exacerbates Religious and Ethnic Tensions’ 20 Mar, Asia Pacific Memo No 141 (Institute of Asian Research, UBC) with Antje Missbach 
(2012) ‘Australia-Indonesia commitment must on people-smuggling’ Crikey, 10 Sept
(2011) ‘Religious Deviancy and the Law: The Escalation of Violent Attacks Prompts Some Local Governments to Ban Ahmadiyah’ (Jul-Sept) Inside Indonesia.
(2010) ‘God and Democracy: A Christian Church is Asserting its Democratic Rights by Suing the Mayor of Depok’ 100 (April-June) Inside Indonesia with Tim Lindsey 
(2008) ‘Burma’s millstone milestone’, The Herald Sun, 20 October 2008, p 20.

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The impact of Covid-19 on research

Covid-19 is currently disrupting academic publishing in a number of ways.  There are disruptions to the global supply chain for the manufacture and distribution of printed journals. The following publishers have halted journal printing until further notice: Cambridge University Press (from 25 March 2020) Taylor & Francis (from 10 April) S ome journal editors or editing boards have suspended or delayed the review or publication process for academic journals.  On the other hand, some publishers are providing open access content for a limited period of time. See the following links from the UNSW library  and the  ANU library , or select publishers websites such as  OUP .  The University of California Press has opened free access to all its journals until the end of June 2020 Hart Publishing is currently offering free access for libraries to its online platform,  Bloomsbury Collections , until the end of May. To enable access for your institution, email Hart at O

Access to Justice and Administrative Law in Myanmar

Administrative law is an important part of access to justice because it can operate as a check and balance on government decision-making, and provide an avenue for individuals to seek review of government decisions. In a report sponsored by USAID and TetraTech for their 'Promoting the Rule of Law in Myanmar' program, I emphasise the importance of administrative law in Myanmar in promoting good governance, accountability and checks on executive power.  The main avenue for judicial review of administrative action in Myanmar is the constitutional writs under the 2008 Constitution. Since 2011, a large number of applications for the constitutional writs have been brought to the Supreme Court. The Writ Procedure Law 2014 was introduced to clarify the Supreme Court procedure for handling writ cases. The constitutional writs are a new area of law and support needs to be provided to a range of legal actors in order to take hold of the potential opportunity this provides.  Ef

Professional Legal Education in Commercial and Corporate Law in Myanmar

Dr Melissa Crouch and Associate Professor Lisa Toohey of UNSW Law Faculty are undertaking a Professional Legal Education Project in Commercial and Corporate law in Myanmar (2016-2017), funded by the Asian Development Bank.  Melissa Crouch is the Team leader and Legal Education and Myanmar Law expert. Lisa Toohey is the Legal Education and Commercial Law expert on the project.  Emma Dunlop is the Legal Researcher and Project administrator. Melissa Crouch at the USC Strategic Action Plan meeting 2016 The focus of the project is on improving legal education and skills integral to the transactional practice and adjudication of commercial law, at this critical time in Myanmar's transition to democracy. The project includes developing a training program for the practical legal training needs of private lawyers, government lawyers, prosecutors and judges in commercial and financial law.  Melissa, Lisa and Melinda with law students from Dagon University In 2016, the first stag