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Southeast Asian democracies in declining health amid covid-19

*This piece first appeared in The Interpreter on 3 July 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting democracies in the Asia-Pacific region in ways that demand Australia's attention.  The ability to weather a crisis of this magnitude depends upon partnerships and collaboration – economic, social and political – with key countries in the region. T hese partnerships are more difficult when democracy hangs in the balance. Before the pandemic, many observers discussed and debated the illiberal turn in Southeast Asia. So while it is not the cause of illiberalism and the expansion of arbitrary power, Covid-19 may exacerbate this trend. The shift was already evident in the crackdowns on political opposition in Cambodia, the use of constitutional reform to consolidate military influence within the civilian government in Thailand, and the increasing violence and illiberalism of President Duterte’s government . The shining example of democracy in the region, Indonesia, has in recent years

Webinar: Dominion Constitutionalism

Webinar: 7 July 2020 On 7 July 2020, a webinar will be held to launch the  symposium on New Dominion Constitutionalism  for the   International Journal of Constitutional Law   (ICON) in issue 17:4, available  here . The webinar will feature authors and editors of the symposium.  This seminar will officially launch this symposium, introduce the concept and case studies of New Dominion Constitutionalism, and discuss how this research opens up new avenues in comparative  constitutional scholarship. About the Speakers: Prof. Rehan Abeyratne , CUHK LAW Prof. Rohit De , Yale University Prof. Mara Malagodi , CUHK LAW Dr. Luke McDonagh, London School of Economics and Political Science Prof. Peter Oliver , University of Ottawa Prof.  Thomas Poole , London School of Economics and Political Science Commentator:   Prof. Melissa Crouch,  University of New South Wales To register for the webinar see here