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Asian Studies at the NLA

This week has been a low in government commitment to Asia literacy, with the National Library of Australia signalling it will make major cuts to its Asian Studies collection. See further details here The Asia Society - Library Lockdown Edward Aspinall, Asia illiteracy, Inside Story Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Out of Asia Online petition Japan Foundation, Cuts to National Library of Australia Asia Collection

Covid-19 and Constitutionalism in Asia Webinar

Virtual Roundtables on Asian Law The first roundtable of the Centre for Asian Legal Studies at the National University of Singapore will be on " COVID-19 and Constitutionalism in Asia: Executive Power in A Time of Crisis" Date: May 27, 2020 10:00 AM in Singapore Speakers: 1) Kevin Tan, National University of Singapore 2) Yeh Jiunn-Rong, National Taiwan University (Former Minister of Education of Taiwan) 3) Aparna Chandra, National Law University, Delhi 4) Melissa Crouch, University of New South Wales L ink to recording : 

Pre-emptive Constitution-making

My article on 'Pre-emptive constitution-making: Authoritarian Constitutionalism and the Military in Myanmar " (2020)  Law & Society Review 54(2) is now out Abstract:  Constitutions are an important feature of many authoritarian regimes. But what role do they in fact perform in processes of authoritarian regime stabilization and legitimation? Much of the contemporary literature focuses on authoritarian constitutionalism in transitions away from constitutional democracy. This article considers the opposite scenario: pre-emptive constitution-making as a mechanism of authoritarian constitutionalism to contain a potential transition toward constitutional democracy. This is illustrated through the case of Myanmar. Since the 1960s, Myanmar has experienced successive periods of direct military rule without a constitution, followed since 2011 by a new constitution. Adding to the comparative literature on constitutions in authoritarian regimes, this article explains how pre-