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Trends in Asian Studies in Australia

In November 2019, Edward Aspinall and I convened a workshop on the state of Asian Studies in Australia. Bringing together leading academics in Asian Studies, we discussed the state of the field for the past two decades (2000-2020) across: the disciplines (law, political science, international relations, anthropology, history) languages (Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese)  area studies (Mainland Southeast Asia, Indonesia, South Asia, China, Northeast Asia, and Asian diasporas) We have launched a special blog series on the state of the field of Asian Studies on the Asian Currents blog of the Asian Studies Association of Australia.  In the coming months, I'll post links to the pieces as they are published. Asian Politics in Australian Universities , Michael Barr Evolution of Mainland Southeast Asia Studies over the last 20 years , Patrick Jory Twenty Years of Korean Studies in Australia , Ruth Barraclough Chinese Studies in Australian Universities , Ann