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Association of Mainland Southeast Asia Scholars events

Next week there are several events organised by the Association of Mainland Southeast Asia Scholars, at the Asian Studies Association of Australia conference at the University of Sydney See the full program , but note the following AMSEAS events Tuesday 3 July 2018 5:00-5:45pm AMSEAS Subregional Keynote with Professor Katherine Bowie, room ABS LT 2080;  5:45-6:30pm AMSEAS AGM, same room;  followed by AMSEAS Drinks - The Rose Hotel on Cleveland St across from the Seymour Centre;  Dinner - Thai Tha Hai restaurant, a block up on Cleveland St

Constitutional Law in Asia: Special Issue

The International Journal of Constitutional Law has recently published a special issue on constitutional law in Asia, and the articles are free to download online. It includes: Directive principles and the expressive accommodation of ideological dissenters ,  Tarunabh Khaitan Dictators, democrats, and constitutional dialogue: Myanmar’s constitutional tribunal ,  Melissa Crouch Judging socio-economic rights in Hong Kong ,  Michael Ramsden Constitutionalizing administrative law in the Indian Supreme Court: Natural justice and fundamental rights ,  Raeesa Vakil A storm of unprecedented ferocity: The shrinking space of the right to political participation, peaceful demonstration, and judicial independence in Hong Kong ,  Johannes Chan And more.... download here.

The Army and the Indonesian Genocide

In Indonesia, the massacre of approximately one million unarmed civilians in 1965-66 has been depicted as the outcome of a spontaneous uprising against people believed to be communist party members or associates. Dr Jess Melvin has used documents from the former Indonesian Intelligence Agency’s archives in Banda Aceh to shatter the official propaganda account of the mass killings and prove the military’s agency behind the events. Her book,  The Army and the Indonesian Genocide: Mechanics of Mass Murder , tells the story of the 3,000 pages of top-secret documents that comprise the “Indonesian genocide files,” along with the previously unheard stories of 70 survivors, perpetrators, and eyewitness of the genocide in Aceh. Date: 27 June 2018 Time: 1-2pm, UNSW Law School Register for the event  here About the Speaker Jess Melvin completed her PhD, ‘Mechanics of Mass Murder: How the Indonesian Military Initiated and Implemented the Indonesian Genocide, the Case of Aceh’ at

The Politics of Courts and Legal Culture

Law and Society Association Panel 2018 Panel Title: The Politics of Courts and Legal Culture: Indonesia’s Judiciary and the Legacy of Dan S Lev This panel presents a series of related papers around the broader theme of legal culture and the role and function of courts in Indonesia. Twenty years on from Indonesia’s democratic transition, and there has not yet been a thoroughly analysis of how and why Indonesia’s courts have changed, and what this says about the contested concept of legal culture today. A true pioneer in this area is the late Professor Dan S Lev. His work was grounded in a socio-legal approach to the study of law, and his work spans an impressive range of themes related to courts, judges, lawyers and politics in Indonesia from the 1960s to 2000s. The three papers in this panel seek to reinvigorate and affirm the importance of Lev’s work for the study of courts in Indonesia today. Offering new and empirically informed perspectives on important developments in t