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New Academic Association on Mainland Southeast Asia

In October 2017, scholars of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in Australia and New Zealand established the Association of Mainland Southeast Asia Scholars (AMSEAS). It is a sub-regionally focused academic association affiliated with the Asian Studies Association of Australia, Australia’s peak body for the scholarly study of Asia. AMSEAS seeks to advance research relevant to Mainland Southeast Asia at a time of rapid change in the region and globally. It recognises the benefits of adopting a multidisciplinary approach and encouraging dialogue between scholars of the individual countries. The association will promote and support the study of Mainland Southeast Asia in Australian and New Zealand universities, as well as work to enhance the general public’s knowledge of the region. AMSEAS is the first Mainland Southeast Asia-focused academic association in Australia. AMSEAS’ role is to strengthen the community of Mainland Southeast Asia scholars. Our activities include