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Law and Governance in Myanmar

On Thursday 27th July I have been invited to give a talk at RMIT University in Melbourne on "Law and Governance in Myanmar: The Courts and the Challenge of Judicial Independence" The abstract of my paper is as follows:  What can be learnt about the idea and ideal of judicial independence in authoritarian regimes? While idealised international standards and declarations of judicial independence note the need for separation from the executive, there is more often silence on the relative position of the courts in relation to the military. Yet in countries like Myanmar’s semi-military regime (2011-), discussions of judicial independence from the executive and legislature make little sense unless we first consider separation from military rule. Military involvement in the courts, both at a personal and institutional level, has become the norm over past decades in Myanmar. In light of this reality, this chapter considers the nature of judicial power of the Constitutional Tribu

Professional Legal Education training

The ADB/UNSW Professional Legal Education program is continuing over two weekends in July. Participating in the program are 40 early career lawyers based in Yangon, Myanmar. Topics that are covered over these weekends include major projects, banking and finance, joint ventures and environmental law. The training has been possible with the partnership of professionals from several leading law firms in Myanmar.