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UAGO Trainings in Myanmar

On 8-11 May 2017, UNSW Law together with the Asian Development Bank hosted a workshop on Commercial Law for law officers of the Attorney General's Office and selected government ministries in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. In collaboration with lawyers from Baker & McKenzie and Allen & Overy, the trainings covered Major Projects, Project Finance and International Investment Agreements. This training is part of a larger project on Professional Legal Education in Commercial and Corporate Law in Myanmar.

Ahok, Indonesia’s ‘Nemo’, sent to jail

This article was first published in The Policy Forum , 10 May 2017 What do Nemo, the Archangel Gabriel , a martial arts teacher, and a man who whistled during prayers have in common? They have all been convicted by a court for blasphemy in Indonesia. Yesterday the global community was shocked by the court verdict in Jakarta, the teeming capital city of the world’s largest Muslim-majority democracy. The outgoing Governor of Jakarta who referred to himself as ‘Nemo’, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama ( Ahok), was found guilty of blaspheming Islam. So not only did Ahok lose an election that he was originally expected to win, but he also lost the biggest blasphemy court case in the history of Indonesia. Many have commented on the fact that Ahok is a Chinese-Christian. Yet Ahok is not the first Chinese Indonesian, nor the first Christian, to be found guilty of blaspheming Islam, as my book on Law and Religion in Indonesia explains. In 1997, a Chinese-Indonesian man and his wife w