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Elections in Jakarta a fight to the end

Residents of Jakarta go to the polls tomorrow (19 April) to choose a governor in one of the closest and most controversial elections Indonesia has seen. Here are some of my recent pieces on the issues plaguing Ahok, the current governor, and his bid for election. What do blasphemy charges mean for Ahok? Indonesia@Melbourne Blasphemy charges against Ahok a triumph for Islamists in Indonesia , East Asia Forum Islamist Rule by Law in Indonesia , Policy Forum

Orientation for Legal Education course

On Sunday 2 April 2017, we held the first training session for the Professional Legal Education course in Corporate and Commercial Law in Myanmar. This program is run by UNSW in collaboration with ADB. Over the next three months, participants will learn 6 different modules on key aspects of commercial and corporate law.

The future of justice sector reform in Myanmar

On Friday 31 March 2017, I gave a talk at the World Bank office in Yangon on The Future of Justice Sector Reform in Myanmar. I reflected on the progress that has been made under the Thein Sein government and then the first year of the NLD, as well as areas in which progress still needs to be made. Unlike other regions of the world such as Latin America, where law and development support has evolved over many decades and gone through stages of judicial reform, access to justice, rule of law and informal justice focus, in Myanmar support for various aspects of the justice sector is occurring in an incredibly short space of time. I reflected upon the assassination of U Ko Ni as a potential turning point for the law reform process and for issues of conflict and state fragility. He was also an example of a lawyer who had contributed greatly to many justice sector projects and was able to bridge old and new ways of practicing law in Myanmar. Emerging areas of law such as commercial and c