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Forthcoming edited book on Islam in Myanmar

Here is the preliminary information on a new edited book. More details coming shortly (don't worry, the cover will not be orange)...

Myanmar’s Elections 2015: Forward to Democracy or Back to Militocracy?

On Monday 19th October a panel event will be hosted at UNSW. The details are below: About the event: On 8 November 2015, elections for the national parliament and regional parliaments will be held in Myanmar. While significant reform has taken place since 2011, the military still retains 25 percent of all seats in parliament. In recent months several developments have been a serious cause of concern, including restrictions on who can vote and run for election. This recently prompted nine foreign embassies, including the Australian embassy, to issue a strong warning to the Myanmar government that the elections must be free and fair, and that religion must not be misused for political gain. This is a critical juncture in Myanmar’s political history, and Australia’s future engagement with Myanmar will in part depend on the outcome of the elections. This panel event will shed light on political, economic and legal developments leading up to, and potentially affected by, the nati

Constitutional Change in Myanmar

Constitutional Change in Myanmar: The Role of Courts in Authoritarian Regimes Seminar date: Tuesday 6 October 2015 Time: 1-2pm To register and for more information see here . Seminar abstract: National elections are due to be held in Myanmar in November 2015. This follows in the wake of several years of significant political reforms. The transition since 2011 from complete military rule to a quasi-civilian government has taken place within the framework of the Constitution of 2008. Yet this intensive period of legal reform has not seen major changes to the role and structure of the judiciary. This raises the issue of the future role of the courts in contributing to constitutional and democratic change in Myanmar Union Supreme Court and Constitutional Tribunal, 2013 One shift that has taken place is the reintroduction of the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction to hear cases from citizens to challenge administrative decisions. In this seminar, I focus on the constitutional