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Seminar: A Stocktake on Law Reform in Myanmar

This talk is being held on Thursday 2 April 2015, from 1-2pm.  Venue: Moot Court, Room 317, Building 5 (ANU College of Law) on Fellows Road Speaker: Dr Melissa Crouch Myanmar is the latest site for law and development and rule of law reform. In this talk I want to step back and reflect on the past five years of law reform in Myanmar (2011-2015), situate these developments in social and historical context, and identify future challenges in this area. First, there has been an increase in legislative reform, in areas as diverse as foreign investment; farmland, labour rights; media reforms; civil society organisations, and the Central Bank, while highly controversial reforms such as the national education bill or the four draft bills restricting various religious practises continue to generate debate. Several key patterns in law reform can be identified, and this points to the need for a more selective, substantive and meaningful law reform process in the future. Second, constit

Seminar on Islam and the State in Myanmar

Political and Social Change Seminar Topic Islam and the State in Myanmar: Understanding the Politics of Belonging Speaker Melissa Crouch Date & Venue 1–2.30pm, Wednesday 1 April, 2015 Coombs Extension, Room 1.04 HC Coombs Extension Bldg #8, Fellows Rd The Australian National University Abstract The recent anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar has exposed a serious gap in knowledge of Muslim communities and how they interact with the state in Myanmar. This talk will focus on the politics of belonging in Myanmar with a focus on deepening our understanding of the diverse Muslim communities there. It will demonstrate the need to move away from rigid ethnic-based assumptions of Muslims in Myanmar and reframe our understanding to include how Muslim identity is shaped by their relations with the state. It will identify several themes critical to the politics of belonging: the history of the Muslim community; Muslim political engagement; Muslims in times of crisis

Law Reform in Myanmar Beyond 2015

You are invited to attend an evening panel discussion on what lies ahead for the law reform process in Myanmar. This event is co-hosted by the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law and the Australian-Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Project. It builds on legal education and constitutional law initiatives already established by several UNSW Law School faculty members who engage with Myanmar. The speakers are all contributors to a recently published book ‘ Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar ’ (Hart Publishing, 2014), the first book to explore the dynamics of Myanmar’s legal reform process in their social, historical and political context.  The panel will be chaired by the book’s co-editor, Professor Tim Lindsey of the University of Melbourne, and will include presentations by the other co-editor, Dr Melissa Crouch of UNSW; and contributors Associate Professor Sean Turnell of the Economics Faculty at Macquarie University, Dr Catherine Renshaw of the Law Faculty at UWS, and Meli