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Workshop on the Indonesian Constitutional Court

For those in Sydney, a workshop on the Indonesian Constitutional Court will be held today and tomorrow. Details below: Workshop on  “ The Constitutional Court & Democracy in Indonesia: Judging the First Decade” 11-12 December 2014 Sydney Presented by the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, UNSW Law Faculty and Centre for Asian and Pacific Law, Sydney law School Draft Program 11 December, UNSW Faculty of Law 4-5.30pm           Opening Plenary (Law School Theatre) – Panel Discussion with Prof. Dr. Jimly Asshiddiqie, SH, founding Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Prof. Dr. Denny Indrayana, SH, former Deputy Minister for Justice Chairs:  Professor Rosalind Dixon and A/Prof Simon Butt 5.30-7pm           Opening Reception – UNSW Staff Seminar Room, Level 2 12 December, University of Sydney Faculty of Law Venue: Sydney Law School, room 446 Welcome 9.30-9:40am     Dean’s Welcome ( Professor Joellen Riley ) 9:40-10a

Remembering the work of the late Professor Andrew Huxley

Remembering the work of the late Professor Andrew Huxley It is with sadness I heard this week of the passing of Professor Andrew Huxley of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) London. I had never met Professor Huxley, but I did have email correspondence with him in relation to his recent contribution ‘Is Burmese Law Buddhist?’. [1] He was also kind enough to read and comment on some of my own work via email, even though he had never met me. I was extremely grateful for his generous comments and feedback. I want to use this post to reflect back on some of his publications that have made a significant contribution to the study of law in Myanmar/Burma. Professor Huxley spent part of his academic career expanding our understanding of Burmese Buddhist law and locating it in the context of the literature on Buddhist law in Southeast Asia. [2] For readers looking for a concise overview of the literature on Burmese Buddhist law published from the 1980s to 2001, his

Australia-Myanmar Constitutional Workshop

On 26-27 November 2014, the Australia-Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Workshop was held at Sedona Hotel in Yangon. Building on the constitutional law workshop held in 2013, this workshop had a particular focus on constitutional principles and institutions. The workshop was hosted by the University of New South Wales, and also included academics from NUS, ANU, Canada and Germany. The workshop was attended by a range of lawyers, legal professionals and NGOs in Yangon.  I contributed to a panel on the separation of powers, and focused specifically on states of emergency.  The constitutional power of the executive to declare a state of emergency continues to present a challenge to the rule of law around the world. For example, i n 2014, s tates of emergency were declared by the governments in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria  respectively, in response to the serious health risk presented by the  Ebola virus.  Other states of emergency are more controversial and have been declared in re

Moved to Sydney

Just a short post to note that I have moved from Singapore to Sydney. I am now a Lecturer at the Law Faculty, the University of New South Wales, Sydney. My new contact details are below: Law Faculty, University of New South Wales The Law Building Building F8, Union Road UNSW Kensington Campus Sydney NSW 2052  Australia  E: Staff profile