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Book: Law and Society in Myanmar

An edited collection on 'Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar' will soon be published by  Hart Publishing . This edited volume addresses the dynamics of the legal system of Myanmar/Burma in the context of the transition to democracy and a quasi-civilian government.  The edited volume includes the following chapters: PART I: THE LEGAL SYSTEM OF MYANMAR Chapter 1:   Introduction: Myanmar, Law Reform and Asian Legal Studies Melissa Crouch and Tim Lindsey Chapter 2:   A Short Research Guide to Myanmar's Legal System Melissa Crouch and Nick Cheesman Chapter 3:   The Layers of Legal Development in Myanmar Melissa Crouch PART II: THE COURTS: PAST AND PRESENT Chapter 4:   Is Burmese Law Buddhist? Transition and Tradition Andrew Huxley Chapter 5:   Bodies on the Line in Burma’s Law Reports 1892-1922 Nicholas Cheesman Chapter 6:   Understanding the Myanmar Supreme Court's Docket: An Analysis of Case Topics from 2007 to 2011 Dominic N

Review of Scholarship on Myanmar Law

The recent edition of the Pacific Rim Law and Policy Review contains several articles on Myanmar, including on the topic of sovereign wealth funds and responsible investment. My article is on " Rediscovering 'Law' in Myanmar: A Review of Scholarship on the Legal System of Myanmar" . The legal system of Myanmar is an understudied area in the academic field of Asian Legal Studies. This article provides a map of scholarship that exists on law in Myanmar that can be built on in the future. It identifies the fields of law that have been the object of knowledge, the key issues and arguments that have driven research on law in Myanmar, and the central academics whose oeuvre of publications have sustained the field. The article is organized around four broad themes: custom, religion and the law; public law and governance; corporate law; and the politics of law. As we begin to imagine the next generation of legal scholarship, it is imperative for future research on Myanma

Cause Lawyers in Asia

The Wisconsin International Law Journal has recently published a special edition on Cause Lawyers in Asia (Issue 3, Fall 2013). The volume includes the following contributions: Mobilizing Law for Justice in Asia: A Comparative Approach  Frank W. Munger,  Scott L. Cummings  and  Louise G.  Trubek New Paths to Justice: A Tale of Social Justice Lawyering in Bangladesh   Cynthia Farid   The Call of the Times: Strategic Public Interest Lawyering during the Arroyo Regime in the Philippines (2001-2010) H. Harry L. Roque TRAFCORD and Its Participation in the Promotion of Human Rights to Counter Human Trafficking in Thailand  Duean Wongsa Social Justice Lawyering and the Meaning of Indian Constitutionalism: A Case Study of the Alternative Law Forum  Arvind Narrain and Arun K   Thiruvengadam   Protecting Community Rights: Prospects for Public Interest Lawyering in Mongolia  Bayartsetseg Jigmiddash and  Jennifer Rasmussen Monkey in a Wig: Loyarburok, Und