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Road to constitutional amendment in Myanmar going nowhere

Since Myanmar’s Joint Parliamentary Constitution Review Committee submitted its report to the Union Parliament on 31 January 2014, the constitutional amendment saga has taken another twist. The Committee was given the task of reviewing the 2008 Constitution, which had been drafted by the previous military junta. It was required to make recommendations to the parliament, yet it ultimately avoided this responsibility. Many activists now agree that the amendment process is not genuine. Yet public confidence in the process was shaken when the Committee’s initial deadline to submit its recommendations to the parliament, 31 December 2013, was  extended  to 31 January 2014. For many democracy activists, especially the older generation, this announcement heightened fears of prolonged constitutional discussions leading to negligible outcomes, like in the past. When the Committee was established in 2013, there was some scepticism mixed with a glimmer of hope. Confidence in the proce