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Limits of Religious Pluralism in Asia

A new edited volume by Juliana Finucane and Michael Feener has been released on Proselytizing and the Limits of Religious Pluralism in Contemporary Asia, published by Springer . The publication is a result of a conference hosted by the Asia Research Institute, NUS. My chapter examines the Indonesian context and the enforcement of the criminal offence of deceiving a child to change religion. More information on the edited volume is available here .

Indonesian Draft Law on Inter-religious Harmony

I have written an article on ‘Shifting Conceptions of State Regulation of Religion: The Indonesian Draft Law on Inter-religious Harmony’ (2013)  Global Change, Peace and Security 1-18. This article seeks to understand how and why states regulate the activities or affairs of religious communities. It does so through a case study of the Indonesian Draft Law on Inter-religious Harmony. I identify three general considerations to the study of the dynamics of state regulation of religious affairs: situating modern state approaches to the regulation of religion in historical context; recognizing the framework within which state and religion is structured; and acknowledging the influence of legal norms other than state law. The Indonesian Draft Law on Inter-religious Harmony addresses key debates between Muslims and Christians and within Islam, and it draws upon existing policies of the Ministry of Religion and also of the fatwa of the Indonesian Ulama Council. The shift in state attem

Australian Journal of Asian Law - Edition 13(2)

Edition 13(2) of the Australian Journal of Asian Law is now available free online at SSRN It includes: Sorcery, Law and the State: Govern ing the Black Arts in Indonesia , by Nicholas Herriman Defamation of Religion Law in Post-R eformasi Indon esia: Is Revision Possible? by Zainal Abidin Bagir Human Trafficking as a Viol ation of Human Rights: Obl igations and Accountability of Mongolia , by Ulzijlkham Enkhbaatar Jelly Mini-Cups C ontaining Konjac: Is a Warning Enough to Protect Vulnerable Consumers? by Noriko Kawawa